Flamingo Rendering tips

Transparent gems render white opaque even though the material is assigned.

One probable reason why the gem objects do not render correctly is because they are still "block instances".

Flamingo can not render correctly the material applied to block instances so the quickest solution to your problem is to explode the block instances into polysurfaces (Command: _Explode) and the material will be able to display correctly after the render.

Check also for any duplicates of gem objects as they could interfere - erase the duplicates to improve the quality of the render.

Another thing that may help make render better is using a "Scene" which is basicaly a background together with a rectangular light. There are 6 ready-for-use scenes in Rhinojewel that you can find in Render > Sceneries toolbar.

Tags: Flamingo, gems, opaque

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Last update: 2010-05-18 15:50
Author: Radina Matic
Revision: 1.0

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