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Rhinojewel does not load: I can only see Rhinoceros interface and some of Rhinojewel functions are not working.

1. In the main Rhinojewel menu go to Tools > Options. "Rhino Options" window will open.
2. In Rhino Options window select "Plug-ins" from the tree menu on the left (see the below image).
3. Scroll down down through the list of plug-ins until you find "Rhinojewel" and select it.
4. If the plug-in is not loaded (value in the column "Loaded" is "No"), right-click the No value and select "Load plug-in" from the contextual menu.

Rhinojewel should load instantly, and if it does not, try restarting the program.

There are 4 separate files on the above list that form the core of of Rhinojewel:

Rhino Toolbars

You should perform the above procedure for all of them if they do not load correctly.

If none of the above 4 files are on the list of plugins, use the button Install to install DLL files manually. All 4 files can be found in the folder C:\Program Files\Techjewel\Rhinojewel 5.0\bin under these names:

Rhinojewel             TechGems_plugin.dll
RhinojewelScripts      RhinojewelScripts.rhp
RhinojewelSignity      TechGemsSignity_plugin.dll
Rhino Toolbars         RhinoToolbars.dll

In case this does not solve the problem contact Techjewel Technical Support.

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